Why rigid boxes are more useful than any other packaging?

Do you know what rigid boxes are? Why rigid boxes are considered to be a useful packaging option as compared to any other traditional packaging? Well as we define the term rigid box, it is a durable paper-based box. It has a thickness of 3mm wrapped in decorative paper.

These boxes are also known as gift boxes or a custom set up boxes. You will probably see an emerging use of rigid boxes in electronic or cosmetic industries so you can re-use the boxes for later days. Apart from that, advanced products including luxury items or smartphones are also packed in durable packaging of the rigid boxes because of their incredibly resilient and harder construction.

Custom made rigid boxes are available in various styles or types which can either be hot-stamped, or printed, or add up with various coatings. The majority of these boxes are often included with decorative elements such as ribbons or handles buckles.

What are the advantages of Rigid Packaging Boxes?

Besides being protective and extra solid in its construction, rigid packaging also offers a luxurious, vague, and robust outlook. These qualities simply make it unmatched as compared to other traditional packaging types. The reason why every single industry prefers to choose rigid packaging is because of its durability and hardness for any product protection.

It will keep the product well-protected against any harsh mishandling or damage. Due to rapid advancement in printing and packaging technology, rigid box packaging is quickly replacing other packaging types due to its massive benefits.

It is being used in almost every single industry ranging from cosmetics, electronics, medicine, clothing, food, and so on. Below we have highlighted a few major benefits of printed rigid boxes to know more about this packaging type:

Custom rigid boxes are Tear Resistance 

This custom rigid box packaging is made up of tear-resistant materials. This will enable your product to stay protected against any sort of damage. Plus it will protect your products from being exposed to harmful elements. The material to be used in packaging is of high-quality and inexpensive as compared to other materials which makes it demanding in the market.

Suitable for High-Quality Printing

These boxes are exclusively best for advanced printing and high graphics. This will enable the rigid box packaging to be highly effective when it is used for commercial purposes. Businesses can also avail use of such boxes for branding or marketing purposes. Imprinting the brand logo, tagline, brand name, and graphics on top of the box will work to promote your business in the market. 

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Rigid boxes are highly durable in quality 

As we have already mentioned that these boxes are made up of such materials that have high wear and tear resistance. This quality eventually makes them durable and you can also laminate them to add them with glossy finishing through the use of pressed sheets. This feature will also make rigid boxes similar to cardboard boxes in terms of capability. But rigid packaging is extra rigid because of its thick chipboard frame. You can easily protect your product against any damage during shipping or transportation. 

These boxes are having Radiates quality

Another best thing about the rigid box is that they have a radiate quality which adds to the sense of quality. This will eventually help to target more customers towards your brand for increased growth. The use of attractive graphics will further add a touch of charm and elegance to the entire box. It will also keep the product well-protected against any harsh mishandling or damage.

Smooth and Plane Touch

Industries avail the use of rigid boxes due to their soft and smooth surface touch. Being lightweight, you can easily carry it from one place to another. Plus, they can be folded easily for logistics depot and machinery without any damage.

While you are choosing such sort of packaging for your business use, make sure rigid box printing is done on simple approaches for an elegant look. For that sake, you can avail the use of color printing, embossed lettering, or printing of logo. As it is made up of a chipboard, therefore, you won’t face any issue of collapse just like a folding carton.

Printing is also applied at a separate wrap which eventually makes it stronger. You can get in touch with rigid packaging manufacturers to know more about the features and benefits of these boxes for your business needs. Its high durability and light in weight nature will resist you to use it all the time.