Keep Your Radiator Looking New With the wj Best High Clearance Radiator Support

Keep Your Radiator Looking New With the wj Best High Clearance Radiator Support

Keeping your radiator looking brand new is easy with the wj best high clearance radiator support. This product covers the entire bottom of the radiator and keeps it safe from road debris. It is inexpensive and will help keep your radiator looking new. You can purchase one for your truck or car at your local auto parts store.

Provides maximum clearance

In order to install a radiator correctly, you should ensure that you have enough room on all sides. It is important to ensure that the clearance is at least one inch on all sides, including the baseboard. You should also leave about one inch of space under the radiator to accommodate the normal movement of the engine and the flexing of fan blades. Having the appropriate clearance will prevent overheating problems.

High clearance radiator supports from WJ Best are an excellent way to provide maximum clearance for your radiator. They not only allow for better airflow around the engine bay, but also improve the cooling system. The additional clearance will also protect your radiator from road debris and other potential sources of damage. Besides being effective for improving the performance of your car, these radiator supports will keep it protected from rust, corrosion, and other damage.

Wraps around the entire bottom of the radiator

The radiator support assembly includes two pieces: an upper frame 264 that extends over the top tank of the high clearance radiator and a lower frame 270 that extends across the bottom of the high clearance radiator. These two pieces are made of sheet metal and are fastened together with fasteners.

The radiator reflector is designed to reflect the heat from the radiator back into the room. This is necessary because radiators radiate heat not only into the room, but also into the wall behind them. This heat can escape to the outside if the wall is not thick enough. Radiator reflector products are made of various materials and do a better job of reflecting heat than aluminum foil.

The wall stay is an essential part of a floor-mounted sectional radiator. It does not support the weight of the radiator, but it prevents it from shifting when pushed against a wall. Wall stays consist of a threaded rod inserted between the two sections of the radiator. The rod is then connected to two fixing plates, one of which clamps the radiator, and a third plate that anchors the radiator to the wall. There are basic and luxury versions of the wall stay. The basic versions are clamped to the rear of the radiator, while the latter are designed to fit the front.

The top of the high clearance radiator is coupled to the air box through a hinge 294. The hinge is fixed to the lower frame 270 and pivotally coupled to the bottom frame member 232 of the air box. The hinge extends upward from the lower frame 270 along the front wall of the lower tank 272. It has two gudgeons 296 on its upper edge and engages two spaced apart pins 298 on the bottom rear edge of the frame member 232.

Protects your radiator from road debris

The IRO radiator support is made of 3/16″ and 3/8″ steel for strength and protection. It also provides over 1.5 inches of ground clearance. This support is perfect for off-roading and hot weather. It is also fairly inexpensive and includes an easy-to-follow user manual.

The WJ Best high clearance radiator support helps to give your radiator maximum clearance, ensuring maximum cooling. The improved clearance also improves the flow of air around the engine bay. Ultimately, this support provides better protection for your radiator from damage caused by road debris and other potential sources of damage.

This WJ best high clearance radiator support is designed to fit your vehicle’s radiator without modifying your vehicle’s appearance. It features a direct fit and includes instructions for easy installation. It is also incredibly durable, as well as easy to clean. Plus, it comes with an Autosaver warranty. For this reason, it is a great choice for Jeep off-road enthusiasts.

The Tiziri radiator is designed for the Jeep TJ and YJ. This three-row design is tough enough to protect your radiator even in the toughest of conditions. Its design was created after undergoing rigorous testing and is made to withstand harsh conditions.

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